Dec. 15th, 2016

United Airline, I forgot the flight number , Seat 3A

On the road again, only this time I thought I’d start a blog – a travel blog. I want it to be unique and the only way I know how to do that is to be completely honest. I’m gonna try to be rigorously honest. So here it goes……

I am a 44 year old, gay, male, choreographer traveling with my partner, Chris. His assistant and our three dogs are in tow.  Needless to say, there is a lot of luggage. Chris and I are in first class with our pugs, Ollie and Mr. B. Does it get any gayier? Michael the assistant, is carrying Ted, the Boston Terrier. Oh Yeah, Chris has a son too, his name is Blake and Ted belongs to Blake, except Blake is in college right now. Did you get all that? Don’t worry, I’ll probably talk about them a lot.

We are traveling to our vacation house in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado which is about 30 minutes west of Colorado Springs. Yes I know the city of “Focus on the Family” and lots of other conservative outcroppings, but we are headed up the hill to Green Mountain Falls.  It is a charming town of about 700 people.  I like to say it is in the foot hills of Pikes Peak, rather than a suburb of Colorado Springs, thinking this will divert attention from the conservative reputation of the city down the hill.

We have the gayest house in the village. Well actually three house: his, his and his. And yes like any good vacation property they all come with names: Bear Crossing, Whispering Pines and Bide-A-Wee. Try and guess who’s is who’s.

Back to Seat 3A – Breakfast is being served and I’d love a second round but my cholesterol is telling me otherwise. It’s true my cholesterol is very high and just a few days ago I started taking Crestor again while swearing I’d eat more vegetables. it’s a good thing I like vegetables as I eat out often. I love airport food (basically fast food), and never refuse a savory treat. I’m basically fit (I mean trim),  but I guess that doesn’t equal healthy. Funny how you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. My blood is thick with bacon bits, sausage and other beautifully processed meats.

The next two weeks will be a mix of complete solitude, hectic travel and Christmas cocktails. From Colorado I fly to Oklahoma City, then back to Colorado, then back to Oklahoma City, then to Orlando and finally back to NYC all the while racking up United Airline miles and dreaming about how I’ll use those miles in the future. For me, sometimes the greatest escape is the dreaming, the laptop-in-bed-late-night-type of escape before the trip even begins. Cross referencing Trip Advisor, Hotel Tonight, Google Maps, and the New York Times in pursuit of that perfectly curated trip filled with lots of cholesterol and a few museums too. Honestly, sometimes it’s just better to go with no plan and find your way by walking your way. I love to walk – with or without my Fitbit.

Cocktails begin tonight at the El Paso Club in Colorado Springs to celebrate The Green Box Arts Festival  (more on that in a future blog). Then there is Chris’s holiday party for 100 or so friends at the country club in Oklahoma City.  And to top it off cocktails at Morimoto at Disney Springs, in Orlando, Florida to help ring in the New Year with my newly widowed mother and by older brother Mark and his two kids, Amy and Bryce. All I have to say is thank god for Crestor and the occasional TSA pre-check.

Well there you go. My first blog and I’ve been totally honest and I’ll be honest with you honesty is not always easy. I shy away from the whole story because I know our stories are not the same, because sometimes I think its better to be humble, because I’m afraid of being judged. But maybe by sharing the whole story I’ll find connection and find some followers too. So in the event that you have found this blog and read it to the end I wish you Happy travels too.

9 thoughts on “NYC to COLORADO SPRINGS

  1. Huh? Why am I JUST seeing this? Oh! It was posted today…Well, I love your Blog! Especially since I rarely get to actually see/talk to you -this is Great! & makes me feel more connected to you! I also love the ‘honest’ path. Can’t wait for the next one!


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